An Open Letter to PM Abiy Ahmed About Money

Ethiopia if Abiy Ahmed reads this letter :)

For us, its a lifeline.

You can’t trade with the world if you don’t have US Dollars. 80% of world trade is in US Dollars. Because of this we store most of our country’s wealth in US Dollars and US Bonds, BUT

21% of All US Dollars were printed in 2020 (Source: Daily Shot)

Enter 2011.



In 2011, 1 Bitcoin was worth ~0.008$ —Yes, that is 3 zeros. At the time of writing this, 1 Bitcoin is worth ~17,000$ USD — just 9 years later. If you bought 10,000 Bitcoin in 2011 it would’ve cost you around 27$. Right now that 27$ is 182,161,881$. YES! HEFTY! There is no commodity in history that multiplied its value many million fold like Bitcoin. The world is waking up to realize digital decentralized currencies are the only way forward. Not cash, not credit, not centralized banking. This isn’t snake oil. This is an actual revolution! Musk says “If you can’t stop them, join them.”

Bitcoin is actually worth a lot more

How much more? Well, I personally believe one bitcoin, in the long run, can be worth as high as 1Trillion$. That might sound like a stretch to some of you so lets just settle for a number I believe will be hit within the next 5 years: 1Million$ per 1Bitcoin.

Follow @bootloader.eth for updates on how much our investment of 1 Million could be worth someday.





publishing non technical bugs & rants I don’t publish on my blog. For technical blog:

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ሳቶሽ አዳኝ

publishing non technical bugs & rants I don’t publish on my blog. For technical blog: